Coffee is also a great attraction in Kerala

Discovering the Coffee Culture in Kerala

Kerala is known, within the tourist scope, as a place with very quiet backwaters and exuberant nature reserves. Wild fauna and flora are delights and, on some occasions, they are the astonishment of tens of thousands of tourists from around the world who visit this site every year.

Everyone tries, at any cost, to see (even for a few hours, nothing more) such beauty. Wherever you turn to look, you can find an unparalleled abundance.

Coffee is also a great attraction in Kerala

Even for those who are friends of coffee, it is very likely that they have not heard about the wonderful varieties of coffee grown there. They stand out, between these varieties, the “Arabica” and the denominated “Robusta”. Although almost everyone (themselves and strangers) start the day with a cup of tea, there are more and more people who do so with these magnificent varieties of Kerala coffee. Now, it is not, just, two simple varieties, just like that.

It turns out that it is a coffee that, in addition, to receive the curious name of “Kaapi”, enriches the mind and the senses of those who consume it, for what we are, nothing more or nothing less, than before an “addictive” coffee , in the good sense of the word, of course. Kerala is the land of the supreme coffee, not to mention the best coffee in the world, without fear of going into foolish exaggerations.

Let us note, by the way, that “Keralam” is the other name that has been assigned to the wonderful and majestic Kerala. It is, to be more precise, a state located in the south of India, on the Malabar coast. With its scarce 38,863 square kilometers, Kerala is surrounded by the Lakshadweep Sea, by the West, and by the dazzling Tamil Nadu, to the south and east.

At present, it is a major exporter of the world famous spices of India. However, it is known that, someday, it will also be his special coffee.

The wonderful coffee farms of Kerala: the fascination of all

Since 1976, each and every one of the coffee producing farms in Kerala is managed and financed by the “Kerala Forest Development Corporation”. At that time, the areas of land that weren’t suitable for the cultivation of cardamom and/or other spices were destined for the cultivation of coffee.

At present, we have fantastic coffee plantations in Kerala, which are present in various areas of the district of Kallumala, that is, in Pamba, Cheeyambam, and Wayanad, among the most outstanding.

As regards, this time, to the coffee varieties of Kerala, let’s say that the “Robusta” stands out, which has constituted more than 90% of the total coffee production in this region, thanks to its cultivation relatively simple In addition, a shrub of this variety can live, even, up to 80 years.

As regards, this time, the variety called “Arabica”, let’s say it receives many alternative names, such as “Arabian Coffe”, “Arabian Bush Coffee” or, well, “Mountain Coffee”, time that is native to the highlands of southern Ethiopia. The tradition of this wonderful modality of coffee, dates from about 1,000 years, nothing more or nothing less.

To finish, let’s say that Kerala coffee is a strong coffee while having a unique salty flavor – on this page.

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